My picks for Amazon Prime Day 2020

My Recommendations for Amazon PRIME Day. 

Amazon PRIME Day happens Oct 13-14 and epic deals can be had so I’ve compiled all my recommendations in one post to help you along with your shopping. ***Please note that all links are affiliate links, they’re of no extra cost to you and I get a small commission for my recommendations*** 

Mooer Air P10 digital wireless - Mooer has finally offered a compact digital wireless in their range. Solid build with 4 channels, reversible positioning, ultra low latency and uncompressed sound… all coming in at a great price! It’s a must-have 

Music Nomad Guitar Care - I love Music Nomad products, they make it easy to clean and maintain our precious guitars with their tools and cleaners. Here are the must-haves in home guitar cleaning station 


XSonic Xtone Pro Audio Interface - the Xtone Pro is the ultimate audio interface for guitar players, works with everything, iPhones, iPads and Computers! You can watch my full demo  video here. 

You can also check out all Amazon’s best selling items in Musical Instruments

And their awesome Prime Music service 

Happy Shopping!

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