Top 3 Advice for Guitar Beginners


In this video, I give you my Top 3 Advice for Guitar Beginners. Cheers!

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Happy New Year 2019! Ambient Improv

Happy New Year Everybody! I was thinking how awesome 2018 was all around and this quick improv on "Auld Lang Syne" came out! I used the current top 3 guitars in my arsenal into my Mooer Pedalboard.


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5 Guitar Player Gifts you can buy on Amazon

If you have a guitar player friend/sibling/spouse/significant other, chances are you're having a hard time getting them gifts this Holiday Season. Here are my 5 gift recommendations that you can easily get on Amazon that won't break the bank.


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Welcome to my new site!

Hi all! Welcome to my new website! 

I've been long overdue for a website update and I have finally found a platform that will allow me to interact better and offer you all a whole bunch of stuff in…

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