5 Guitar Player Gifts you can buy on Amazon

If you have a guitar player friend/sibling/spouse/significant other, chances are you're having a hard time getting them gifts this Holiday Season. Here are my 5 gift recommendations that you can easily get on Amazon that won't break the bank.

*** Disclaimer *** Links below are affiliate links from which I get a commission from Amazon. It's no extra cost to you and will help keep me making content for all of you.


Picks - Chicken Picks are currently my picks of choice. Great tone and introduces playing ease that is immediately felt when compared to regular picks. The link below is a sampler pack for guitarists to try out all the models and eventually pick the one they like best.

Guitar Strap - every guitarist needs a nice strap. The DiMarzio Cheetah strap looks great on stage and pairs with more guitar colors.

If faux animal print isn't an option, then this stealth Gruv Gear Solostrap Neo is a great choice

Mini Guitar Amp - the BlackStar Fly 3 Mini Bluetooth amp is a great gift for the guitarist on the go. Small and easy to carry yet sounds great enough to practice with.. plus it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker! Click here to watch my review of this mini-amp

Strings - my strings of choice are Curt Mangan Strings: they feel good, sound great and last for a long time! I've been using them for over a decade now and they're the only strings I recommend for both electric and acoustic guitars.


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTO - every guitar player needs a motivational T-shirt! 

I hope this post gives you gift ideas for that guitar payer in your life. For more recommendations, please visit my Amazon Storefront


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