BAD94 - The Perf De Castro Signature Distortion Pedal


The BAD94 is  captures the sound and feel of my early career guitar solo tones. 

The BAD94 builds on the structure of my early 90s shredded meister pedal of choice, but updated with modern appointments such as top-mounted jacks, true…

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My Daily Guitar Warmup Routine

In this video, I discuss and demo my daily warm up routine. Grab your guitar and follow along!  

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PAYONG Gloc-9 x PDC Reaction and Tutorial Video

 Hi all! Here's a new video preview, this time reacting to the new Gloc-9 song "PAYONG" which I played guitar on. I also included some guitar tutorial bits as as well discussed how I approached recording the guitar parts. TAGALOG

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My Audio Interface and my recording process


Here's a 3-part video series featuring my audio interface, the Audient Sono. Aside from demoing the gear, you can get a peek into how I record bass and electric guitars into my DAW (Logic Pro)

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